Scam on AfroRomance!


Woman from Germany Scam victim on AfroRomance.

German Woman got scammed on Afroromance Dating Site.

I am a woman from Germany and a victim by a Nigerianscammer from AfroRomance Dating Sites in June 2009. Profile was also on AfroConnevtions online. Please, BEWARE OF THIS NIGERIAN SCAM and inform yourself about the NIGERIANCONNECTION that this will not happen to you. It was such a nice profile and he claim to be a white man named JERRY FINGER from Riverside, CA. He had a nice picture on this dating site. He gave me his email address from YAHOO and his phonenumber from the USA which I called many times for weeks and he also called me all the time in the morning before going to work, during the day at work, in the afternoon and at night before going to sleep. He was sending more pictures, wrote very nice love-letters every day with nice love-poems, told me that he loves me and that he want to come to Germany to see me. After weeks he told me that he had to leave the USA for a very important Project to Lagos and was sending me a copy of the ticket from USA to NIGERIA from AIR FRANCE.

Ripped off by a Nigerian Dating Scammer!

Nigerian Scammer on Afro Romance Dating Sites.

Two days later he called me when he arrived in Lagos and told me that he had 65.000 US$ in cash with him to pay for Material, food, water, hotel etc... after two weeks he told me that he can not use his credit-card and if I could send him some money, because he do not have enough cash money to get more material and pay the workers off and he would pay me everything back when he comes to Germany. He was sending me a copy of a money-check he could cash when he is finish with this project. It looked real to me and I believe what he said. I send him money through WESTERN UNION a couple of times because of my naivety and because I always believe the good in the people. After weeks he called me before he wanted to leave Lagos and come to Germany. I was waiting at the Airport in Frankfurt for him to show up but he did not come and did not call. A couple days later he called me again and told me that the Nigerian Police had arrested him in Lagos and he could not catch the airplane to Germany. It was to late for me when I found out that I was ripped off by a Nigerian scammer. It was just to good to be true. The profile, the pictures, the copies of the tickets and the check was not real. All was a FAKE and I have lost a lot of money because of my naivety.
Posted by: blueeye (08-09)

I'm very sorry blueeye! I've heart of this site. There are a lot of Fake Profiles posted by African Scammer. Did you know that more than half Million African Romance Scammer operating worldwide? They have built a International Network of Criminals, helpers are located in Europe, Asia and America too. It's hard to find out if a Dating Profile is real or fake. Better you follow this simple rule: Never ever send money to someone you never met. That's it.
Posted by: AfroClub Admin (08-09)

Many Afro Dating Sites are loaded with fake and scam. Too many Africans want to make quick money, the guys and girls do not look for romance, they want earn cash. The owners of the sites do not realize that. May they are too stupid, ignorant or lazy to fix this problem. It's hard to find real marriage minded men and women from Africa.
Posted by: Max (09-10)

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