Attracted to black?


Are white men from Germany attracted to black people?

German men and women attracted to the black folk?

I'm a native African American. I love Europe! I've found some very sexy German women on a dating site. What about this foreign People? Are German People attracted to black women and men? Have someone ever met white women or men from overseas? Some friends I've talked to have said, that Germans don't like do date black people. They told me, this white Germans prefer relationships inside their own white race. I am a lil bit confused, because I've seen many dating profiles on interracial sites. What are your experience? Have you been in a biraccial relationship with a German? How they treat their wife's or husbands? Hope you can help me! Thanks for feedback and your suggestions!
Posted by: Juliett (07-09)

Many Germans are interested in black women or men.

Do german people like black women or men?

Hello Juliett! I work in the military. Because of my Job I was stationed in Germany for 8 years and I met many of German and other European men and women. Plenty of them were married to black people. You do not found so much black citizen with African heritage in Germany like we have here in the US, but the Germans are not so obsessed about color. In my opinion the Germans are wonderful people. Some of them has become my best friends. Of course some of the Germans don't like black people but I think, they just have never met blacks, they never got to know a black woman or man. You will find bad white people same as bad black people, there is no difference.
Posted by: George (07-09)

Yes, it's true. The situation in Germany is just as in every other country in the world. There are many people who love people from other cultures and different race and some of the Germans are racists. I've talked to many Black American people that have been stationed in Germany. Plenty of them told me, they liked to stay in Germany. They always felt, were treated much more better, than black people in the US. So that speaks for itself. If you would like to date or married a native German, just do it.
Posted by: BlueFlower (07-09)

Yeah, that is an individual thing. In fact, no men or women have the same preferences. Some like to date big woman, some are attracted to slim woman. Some white women would like to meet an Asian, some white men are totally attracted to Latin women. You will find some people, who are really crazy in Love with Black People. I think, it's a little bit the culture background, but for most the individual person's preferences. I agree with George. You can't love something you don't know! Why you hate something you may not know about! Well educated and travelled people are mostly much more open minded than those folks, that had never left their home village. Education is the key to Love, Peace and Understanding.
Posted by: Aisha (07-09)

Getting noticed by Germans. I am a black woman from South Africa and I find it very hard to notice when if a white guy is interested or not. Unlike black guys they are very upfront, but with them you never know. Now am only interested in white guys especialy Germans but they are hard to find in cape town. Where can one hangout to meet interesting people?
Posted by: Nikita (05-12)